I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions mainly because I believe they are a set up for failure. Why? For one, the mere mention of a positive objective releases dopamine in the brain and that itself brings about pleasure for a person, making the actual resolution less desired, less attainable. A person has gotten half of the pleasure just by mentioning the New Year’s Resolution… also, the most popular resolutions like weight loss, hitting the gym more, and cutting back on alcohol consumption are repeated year after year. Why? Because these goals are next to impossible to reach. They are far too difficult because they require complete mind, body, and lifestyle changes. This is where one step at a time comes in handy.

Looking Back on 2015…

At the end of each year I try to be introspective;  I examine my own conscious thoughts and feelings while I review the previous year.  It is through contemplation that I try to get in touch with myself in a spiritual way so that I can look deeply into my own soul to see what worked well personally and professionally and, more important, what needed improvement in those domains of my life.

I will keep the personal introspection to myself; however, as I look back professionally on 2015 I am proud of my work to help raise awareness of women’s health (vaginal health in particular).  One of my accomplishments was to establish this blog and write about a not-so-often-talked-about area of women’s health: the vagina, vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy and the relationship to sexual desire in women.

Think Pink for Vaginal Health

Many women are unaware that perimenopause (the years leading up to menopause) and menopause could affect their vaginal health. Many women suffer in silence with vaginal dryness, which may come on suddenly. Many women suffer with recurrent urinary tract infections not realizing the root of the problem  (ie. vaginal atrophy). Most people associate perimenopause and menopause with hot flashes and night sweats. Those symptoms usually go away but vaginal dryness and/or vaginal atrophy (the result of decreased estrogen receptors in the vagina) are conditions that not only do not go away but may worsen over time.  The vagina becomes pale when it should be pink.  So, I like to say, “think pink for vaginal health.”

Educating women on the various treatment and management options for vaginal dryness – from lubricants and personal moisturizers to low dose localized estrogen therapy – was helpful so that women’s sex lives did not have to come to a screeching halt because of painful sex and their daily activities were not impacted. Read more about treatment options here!

Goals for 2016

For 2016 I hope to expand on this foundation and continue to raise awareness about women’s sexuality as it relates to vaginal health through my blog, CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show, more events like Hot Flash in the City, speaking engagements like my TEDxStanley Park talk on “The Sexless Marriage(coming May 28, 2016 – details to follow), and my book which I plan on publishing this year (just writing this is exciting and I feel the dopamine release already; hope there is more pleasure to be had)!

Through furthering this blog and reaching more and more women, my hope is that they will be empowered with up to date and appropriate information about vaginal health and female sexuality. Women need to be empowered to have honest and open conversations with their partners and healthcare professionals, and share their knowledge with sisters, colleagues and friends. All of this is ultimately in hope of living happier and healthier lives so that they can get back to the bedroom more often in 2016!

Maureen McGrath

Maureen McGrath

Host of the CKNW Sunday Night Health Show on Corus Radio. As a leading women's health expert and Registered Nurse, I understand the importance that sexual, vaginal, bladder and bowel health has on overall health and relationships.

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