I had a sneaking suspicion that a lot of men listen to the CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show; however, I was not aware of the impact it was having on their wives. Now I know…

I had a couple in their thirties who presented with a multitude of relationship troubles, mainly desire discrepancy.  He wanted it more (what a shocker!). He was a regular listener to the show and had heard me speak about the importance of sex in a marriage. June and Cameron had three school age boys under the age of ten and both were working outside of the home.  The lion’s share of the work was left up to June who did all of the cooking, cleaning and after school pickups and driving.

Cameron felt that June catered to the boys and spoiled them by doing everything for them. June, on the other hand, felt that Cameron was too tough on the boys and had unreasonable expectations of them. June felt she was having to defend the boys behavior to her husband and this created an unhealthy dance. This couple did not have a lock on their bedroom door and June confessed she was nervous that the boys might walk in on them when they were having sex and felt very uncomfortable.

June was experiencing vaginal dryness and said that the last time they had sex it was very painful – she said it felt scratchy like sandpaper.  She thought she was too young, at age 39, to be experiencing this. I assured her that although vaginal dryness is common for menopausal women, it may begin as early as age 31 for some women.

Help is on the Way!

There were several steps necessary to help this couple. First and foremost, a lock on the bedroom door was mandatory (I suggested their first stop on the way home should be the hardware store). My feeling is that if a mother is working full-time outside of the home, then she cannot possibly work full-time in the home. To that end, hiring a housekeeper to help with bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, and vacuuming is a must (if affordable).

I explained the various treatment options available to June to help her manage and treat the vaginal dryness she was experiencing. The onset of vaginal dryness could be associated with the oral contraceptive pill (which June was taking), breastfeeding, post-partum, peri-menopause and menopause, post chemotherapy or hormone therapy treatment, to name the most common. Learn more about the treatment options here >

Above all, June and Cameron need to be on the same page in raising their sons. The ‘standing together on a united front’ is key to successful parenting. Cameron then said, “I have been trying to get her to listen to your show on Sunday Nights.”  June said, “He chases me around the kitchen with headphones and I am trying to do the dishes, put the kids to bed, and get ready for the week.” I said to June, “You are not too keen on me, right?” We all laughed. I learned that I need to take into consideration the busy lives people are leading today, especially working moms.

So, with this advice and someone in your corner giving permission to hire outside help, you will likely want to get back to the bedroom, ladies!

Maureen McGrath

Maureen McGrath

Host of the CKNW Sunday Night Health Show on Corus Radio. As a leading women's health expert and Registered Nurse, I understand the importance that sexual, vaginal, bladder and bowel health has on overall health and relationships.


  • Marilyn Perez says:

    Dear Maureen: I have listened to your show in the past. Some was helpful but my husband I didn’t agree with sex clubs and not being loyal to each other in our 33 year
    Marriage. But tonight you mentioned Joy Gell and I still have a problem with vaginal dryness. I read about Repagyn and it sounds like it can rebuild the tissue. I have had a urinary infection which needed medicine attention. I have low dose Estrogen but have fears of cancer and don’t use it. What is the name of the Pharmacy on Scott Road
    And is Joy gel better than Repagyn? Could I please have the $5:00 coupon you mentioned? What is the total price? It is a distance for me to drive as I live in Langley.
    Thank you for all your help.
    Marilyn Perez

    • Marilyn Perez says:

      Maureen: I wrote a comment above asking whether Joy Gel is better than Repagyn. Could I please have a coupon $5:00 for Joy Gel? Also what is the name of the pharmacy on Scott Road. It is quite far for me to go as I live in Langley.

      • Hello Marilyn, Both products are great and are for vaginal dryness. Repagyn is an ovule that is insertedd into the vagina and Joygel is a cream that is used on the labia and vulva. Yes, of course you may have a $5.00 off coupon for JoyGel which is available at Mark’s Pharmacy on 80th and 120th Street in Delta. As information, these products are for vaginal dryness only. When vaginal dryness advances to vaginal atrophy a condition that involves any of the symptoms such as recurrent urinary tract infections, burning, itching, thin water vaginal discharge, leakage of urine, this is known as vaginal atrophy or Genitourinary Menopause Syndrome and is treated with low dose localized estrogen such as Premarin Cream, Estragyn cream, Vagifem tablet or an string. Although these contain estrogen it is low dose, topical, applied locally and is not associated with an increased risk of cancer. Keep in mind when the estrogen decreases is the urogenital tract, the risk of urinary tract infection increases because estrogen is the hormone regulator of the vagina and urethra. Urinary tract infections in people over the age of 65 can be dangerous as it may lead to sepsis and overwhelming infection. The decision is up to you but it is important that you have accurate information about medications and personal moisturizers and that the right condition is treated with the right product. That said, many women use both low dose localized estrogen therapy and a personal moisturizer like Repagyn or JoyGel as long as they are used on opposite days. The price is $50.00 for JoyGel and will last for about two months when used twice weekly at night. Take a small amount on your too fingertips and apply. Please email me at nursetalk@hotmail.com if you have any further personal questions. Thank you, Maureen

      • Hi Marilyn, We could send you some JoyGel if you like. The cost is $40.00 plus tax and shipping. Thanks for listening to the Sunday Night Sex Show on News Talk 980 CKNW. Best regards, Maureen

    • Hello Marilyn, Thank you for your note. I present information when I host the Sunday Night Sex Show on 980 CKNW and let couples make their own decisions about their intimate lives. Different strokes for different folks. It is great that you and your husband have been loyal to each other over the past 33 years! Wishing you many more happy years together! Best regards and thanks for listening! Maureen

    • Maureen McGrath says:

      Dear Marilyn,
      Update on the Joygel. Many women have been reporting that Joygel doesn’t work. They are reporting burning with the use. What I learned was Joygel formula has been changed and many ingredients have been added that are not natural. I would not use it. The company has it produced in Richmond BC (Nutra) and it was never tested it properly on women. Joygel is not approved by Health Canada. Also I learned that it costs about 6.00 to make and is being sold for $69 dollars for one ounce. That won’t last a week. That is highway robbery! Repagyn costs about $30.00 per month. Best, Maureen

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