Nurse Led Virtual Health Clinic with Physician oversight for Women who experience....

Vaginal Dryness
Tract Infections

Nurse Led Virtual Clinic with Physician Oversight for women who experience…



Low Desire/

Book a Virtual appointment with  Maureen McGrath RN Nurse Continence Advisor & Sexual Health Educator to treat your  urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections (UTIs), vaginal dryness, low sexual desire and/or sexless marriage.


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What Our Patients Say….

  1. “Urinary incontinence was a secret and a very private matter for me. No one wants to experience this issue. I got over my fears on this personal subject and now I am happy to report the treatment absolutely works!”  Sherry M”
  2. “Maureen is a valuable adjunct in my healthcare. She is very detail oriented, explaining things thoroughly in layman’s language without being dismissive. I have never reached out to her and not received an answer within 24 hours. She is compassionate and well known within the medical community and can suggest solutions and possible referrals to other Health Care Professionals. I am very pleased and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.” Barbara G
  3. “My doctor sent me to a pelvic floor physiotherapist who suggested Kegels which did not work after 10 sessions. Maureen explained the issues around my leakage as it related to my vaginal health in detail & after a little magic cream & a seat on the Kegel Throne, no longer do I leak.  I am thrilled!” Mary B.

Urinary Incontinence

Leaking urine is never normal. 51% of women over 50 leak urine yet most have never spoken to their doctors about it. It’s the #1 reason for admission to long term care homes. Now you can book your appointment at Cleopatra & put an end to leakage of urine & other bladder symptoms.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal health is important for all women. The discomfort may lead to painful sex or low desire. Now you can book a virtual appointment with Maureen McGrath RN Nurse Continence Advisor and Sexual Health Educator and learn all about hormonal and non-hormonal treatments.  

Urinary Tract Infections

Many women suffer with recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) at midlife, menopause & beyond. UTI’s are bacterial infections that are related to changes that occur in a woman’s body at midlife, menopause & beyond. Maureen can helps you prevent urinary tract infections.

Low Sexual Desire

Have you ever thought? “If I never have sex again it will be too soon!” Many women do. Although sex helps with emotional & physical health, low sexual desire is common. Maureen McGrath RN NCA & Sexual Health Educator can offer solutions to help you get your sexy back.

Sexless Marriage

20% of couples are in sexless marriages. If both partners are OK, there’s no concern. But often one is hurt by the loss of the physical intimacy that sex provides. Maureen McGrath RN NCA & Sexual Health Educator has solutions to help you restore the intimacy in  your relationship. 

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