I am pleased to say that my blog has been up and running for 7 months already! I am always eager to share information so that  patients feel better about themselves, get back to the bedroom, whatever it is.

For those of you who are new readers (and for those who may have just missed a few articles) I wanted to showcase the top 10 most read articles so far! As always, feel free to leave me a comment or write me an email if you have any sexual-health related questions – my door is always open!


(1) Replens® vs RepaGyn®: What’s the Difference?

Given the variety of personal moisturizers available, it is so important that a woman chooses the right product for the right reasons. Knowing the ingredients and how it works is also one important aspect of optimizing treatment. Meredith had tried Replens® for vaginal dryness but was still experiencing pain with intercourse and wondered if RepaGyn® might be a better choice for her. Read about my recommendation for Meredith >

(2) 5 Tips for a Better Sex Life

Is your sex life in a slump? If you have stopped fantasizing about sex or have no interest, and this cannot be better accounted for by a medical condition, you may have low sexual desire.  Fatigue is the number one cause of low sexual desire but there are a number of other root causes that could be at play. Time is a hot commodity these days and lack thereof may result in less spent in the bedroom. View my 5 tips for sprucing up your sex life >

(3) Doctor, It is Dry Down There

I ask every patient of mine if they experience vaginal dryness, because I know they won’t tell me on their own. Most often, women will answer by saying, “I am not sexually active.” One does not need to be sexually active to experience vaginal dryness; women associate the vagina with sex but it is time we associated the vagina with health! Learn what you can do about vaginal dryness right now >

(4) Caught Red-Handed… You Won’t Believe the ‘Now What’

Joanna, married for 17 years entered my clinic after discovering that her husband had been communicating sexually online with another woman. Admittedly, life had become hectic and sex was infrequent. The couple had not discussed their arid sex life or her dwindling sexual desire; she assumed that Caleb was not bothered, but she now had evidence to the contrary and felt that she needed to talk action… Read about how Joanna took control >

(5) A Fish Named Wanda

50 year-old Wanda told me, during a routine visit, that she and her husband were not sexually active. In the past month, they only had sex once and he had difficulty attaining and maintaining an erection (the textbook definition of erectile dysfunction). She also suspected that he was communicating with other women. It would be important for Wanda to talk to her husband about how his recent activities were negatively impacting their relationship. Wanda might have to release her fish as he needed to help himself and accept responsibility for his actions. Read more about Wanda’s story  >

(6) My Angry Vagina

47 year-old Susanne told me that she and her vagina were both angry. She had a vibrant sex life in her twenties and thirties but more recently had the unfortunate circumstance of requiring chemotherapy for breast cancer. It was at this time that sex became extremely painful and her sexual desire plummeted. As if her sexual desire wasn’t already low (due to peri-menopause) this made things worse. Read more >

(7) Can a Lack of Sex Lead to Divorce?

Recently I had received some criticism for saying, “if couples are not having enough sex, then men may cheat to meet their sexual needs.” Understanding that men’s sexual drives are driven by strong urges and cravings, I saw this simply as a risk factor for infidelity, a public service announcement of sorts. Other women did not see it this way and perceived this as blaming women for men’s bad behavior. Learn how I enlightened Valerie >

(8) Understanding and Managing Vaginal Dryness (Video)

I am extremely passionate about empowering women through teaching them about taboo subjects such as vaginal health. To that end, I was delighted to be invited by Canadian Health & Family (Better Living TV) to discuss vaginal dryness, a common but not often discussed condition, which affects many women.! Watch the 4-minute video now >

(9) Aligning the Stars

Elsa asked me about a new sexual desire gel she heard about on the radio, called V-Love™. Divorced for over two years, she had always been hesitant to delve into the online dating world because she’d been living with low sexual desire due to vaginal dryness. Although she was interested in meeting someone to spend time with, she was hesitant because of her low sexual desire (which she did not realize stemmed from her vaginal dryness). Learn how Elsa was able to get back into the dating world, comfortably >

(10) Ladies are Fooling Themselves: Men Need Sex

As a rule, men cannot go without intimate sexual relations when in a relationship unless they are having sex with someone else. That may sound drastic but believe me, the men in sexless marriages come to my clinical practice and tell me about their intimate experiences with other women from friends, to women seeking sex online, to prostitutes. Ladies, if you don’t think it’s important to seek treatment when your relationship is good and you stop having sex, think again. Shutting the door on your sex life may have other consequences. Learn how to face your situation >

Well, there you have it – the top 10 most read articles (so far). I hope these articles have helped you get back to the bedroom!

Maureen McGrath

Maureen McGrath

Host of the CKNW Sunday Night Health Show on Corus Radio. As a leading women's health expert and Registered Nurse, I understand the importance that sexual, vaginal, bladder and bowel health has on overall health and relationships.

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